A little more about me!

Hi there. I'm Melissa, the owner and sole creator behind Flowers by Melis.

I started my business in 2021 because I wanted to provide a little joy and happiness to my community. I got started in the great world of floral design about 15 years ago and it's been quite the journey.

I'm a classically trained and certified florist but I really let my heart and mood drive my designs. What do I mean by that? Well, I like to take what flowers are in season, mix them with the weather that day, and add in a dash of how I'm feeling, what music I'm listening to, and that's what you'll get when you order a "designer's choice" arrangement. Now of course if you specify "birthday", or "new baby" I will tailor the arrangement to the occasion. I also freelance once in awhile, connecting with other florists is so much fun and I always learn something new.

I'm a mother and wife and I absolutely love having a home based business where I can work and spend time with my family.

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